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Fiberglass Ammunition Standards

Only one style of fiberglass shaft combat archery ammunition has been approved for use in the Middle Kingdom. 

Ammunition must be constructed as described in the CONSTRUCTION STANDARDS section of this handbook. 

Here are step-by-step instructions for constructing fiberglass shafted ammunition 

Shafts must be solid pultruded fiberglass.  (~Soc) 

Shaft size must be ¼ inch diameter. 

The head must be a Fathead. 

The APD (Anti-Penetration Device) must be an Asgard. 

A single piece of filament-reinforced strapping tape must be used to cover the shaft from the back of the head to the front of the APD.  It must run lengthwise on the shaft. 

After taping the shaft, the head must be secured to the shaft with strapping and/or red electrical tape.  (See the Construction Standards for details.) 

The head can not be completely covered with tape. 

After taping the shaft, the APD must have a wrap of ¾ inch red electrical tape around the angled point of the shaft. 

NO fletching is permitted on fiberglass shaft ammunition.  (Note- APDs are not considered fletching.)