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Combat Archery Authorization Self-Test

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What are the maximum allowed lengths for all Combat Archery ammunition? Can an arrow be shorter than the maximum length?


a. 26 inches maximum; NO.

b. 26 inches maximum; YES.

c. 28 inches maximum; NO.

d. 28 inches maximum; YES

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As a combat archer, you hit a fighter several times with what you think are good shots and he does not accept them. You should:


a. Yell at him to take the shots.

b. Tell a marshal to call him dead.

c. Tell a marshal you want a marshal's court held right after the battle.

d. Move to a different target and continue shooting, since the fighter is the one who gets to call whether or not a shot was good.

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11. What kind(s) of tips are legal on tubular ammunition in the middle Kingdom?


a. Any Rubber Stoppers of the right size.

b. Any rubber stoppers of the right size with a 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch hole.

c. Modified classic Balder Blunts.

d. Only b and c.