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Combat Archery Authorization Self-Test

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Fiberglass shaft ammunition in the Middle Kingdom must have what kind of head? It must have what kind of APD (Anti-Penetration Device)?


a. Any style of Baldar Blunt; Cil-O-Flex tubing APD

b. Any style of Baldar Blunt; Baldar Asgard APD.

c. Baldar Fathead Blunt; Sil-O-Flex tubing APD.

d. Baldar Fathead Blunt; Baldar Asgard APD.

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What kind(s) of marshal(s) can run a Combat Archery authorization:


a. Any heavy weapons marshal.

b. Any combat archery marshal.

c. A heavy weapons or combat archery marshal who is authorized in combat archery.

d. All the above.

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Where can you find the instructions for making Middle Kingdom Combat Archery ammunition?


a. Middle Kingdom Combat Archery Rules.

b. Society Marshal’s Handbook. 

c. The 35-Foot Spear website.

d. Middle Kingdom Armored Combat Handbook.