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General Ammunition Standards


No ammunition may be more than 10% covered in the color yellow.  (Soc)

No metal can be used as ammunition construction material.  (Soc) 

All ammunition has a maximum length of 28 inches from the back of the head to the point where the string touches the back of the ammunition.  (~Soc) 

There is no minimum length, but it must fly without tumbling. 

All ammunition must be constructed as described in the Fiberglass Construction Standards or Tubular Construction Standards section of this handbook. 

NOTE: If you have not built currently-legal ammunition, please check the illustrated tutorial on making fiberglass ammunition or the illustrated tutorial on making tubular ammunition for photos, instructions, and advice. 


All combat archery ammunition must have a printed label (not hand written) with the owner’s name and Kingdom

The label must be in English, utilizing a legible/readable font. 

The label must be completely covered with clear packing tape.  No reinforced or strapping tape may be used to cover the label. 

If the combat archery ammunition is group-owned/labeled ammunition, an individual’s name as a point of contact for within the group must also be on the label. 

NOTE- Additional information, heraldry, etc are permitted, as long as the name and kingdom are easy to find and read during inspection. 

ADVICE- It is better to place the label near the tail, so it is less likely to get sprayed if paint markings are used at the event.